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March 10, 2008

Catwalk Catches: The Latest in Dog Fashion

Do you bring your pet everywhere? Why not help your pet look as fashionable as you do! Leather doggie bomber jackets look edgy and keep Fido warm. Don’t want to ruin doggie’s new do? Try a rain slicker with built in harness for wet walks. For longer walks, your pet can carry her own treats, bathroom bags and water in a dog backpack. Brrrrr- hand-knit sweaters may be the perfect solution for a small breed on a cold day. Getting married soon? Puppy can walk down the aisle in style with a new dog tuxedo, complete with corsage. Whatever the reason, dog clothes are a growing trend. You can find a variety of dog clothes, from whimsical to practical, at:

Senior Pet Products- create a comfortable home and lifestyle

Keep your geriatric furry friend safe and satisfied!

More and more pets are enjoying their golden years, thanks in large part to advances in veterinary medicine. But with this new geriatric pet population comes a host of changes and afflictions that may alter the needs of your beloved best friend.

When is my dog considered a senior?
To begin with, you may wonder when a pet is considered a senior. The answer is that it varies widely by size and breed. advises, “… some small dog breeds may be considered senior at 10-13 years, while giant breeds are classified as seniors at ages as young as five.”[1] Your veterinarian can help answer specific questions about when your furry friend will be considered a senior.

How can I create an optimal home and lifestyle for my senior pet-izen?
First, regular veterinary exams are critical to track the health of your aging pet. Twice a year visits are recommended, and often the vet may conduct a variety of lab tests to insure your pet is healthy. Also, consider switching to a senior pet food variety that will provide extra dietary supplements.
Second, keeping your animal active will help slow sensory losses. Your pet may begin to lose eyesight, hearing, or quick response with age, much like humans. An active pet that is utilizing his senses regularly may retain them longer.
Finally, you may consider making adjustments to your home and car to accommodate your senior. There are more and more products on the market aimed at senior pets. For example, your dog or cat may lose the ability to get up on the bed or into the car. Purchasing pet stairs or a car ramp will ease this process and place less strain on joints. For the outdoor animal, heated beds make cold days and nights far more comfortable. If your older dog is no longer able to go on lengthy walks with you and your younger animal(s), a pet backpack will allow her to go as far as she can, then enjoy a comfortable ride on your back while you complete the walk.

Creating a wellness plan for your geriatric companion is easy. Begin with a few simple home changes and a consultation with your veterinarian- your pet will thank you!
Try the link above for senior pet products: ramps, heated beds, backpacks, strollers, and much more!